No morí, solo me fui de parranda

I've decided to star writing in spanish, yesterday I had an english exam as requisite to graduate from university, and it took 4 hours, FOUR hours, that thing was exhausting and by now my brain wants no more english for a long time. So, lets flip things:

Spanish floppy disk inserted.

Hace ratos que no publicaba nada, así que aqui va algo, esta no tiene nombre así que la pueden llamar como gusten.

¿Qué he estado haciendo? libros :)  Diagramar, diseñar portadas y encuadernar, mi parte favorita.

Que tengan feliz día y no morí, solo me fui de parranda.

Pueden usar el archivo como guste, editarlo, cambiarle de tamaño, color o lo que sea. Si lo usan para algo, me gustaría que me mostraran :)


Still alive

Ah ah ah ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive... I still alive, don't worry.
It's been 14 days (2 weeks) since the last post, sorry people, but disconnecting from the computer after working 5 years without stopping a single day, is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.  

I know you want more patterns, so do I :) For this post I've made two in apologize for disappearing without advice.

Look how pretty! click and get it.

Pattern 29-Crossed squares
Pattern 30-Squares of squares

*Did I put wrong the links? sorry... now are fixed :)


Keep it simple

I been enjoying a lot this thing of blogging, it keeps me thinking in new ideas and is something fun to do, also it's even better knowing that someone out there is passing by this place and likes what I do. Sometimes all we need is something simple, with this idea, came the pattern(s) of today, and the patterns of tomorrow too :) Very simple, very geometric and very elegant. Clic and get it, use it wisely.

And yes, I keep using mockups, if you want to know where to get them, ask me and I'll do the research, because right know I don't remember where this came from...

Pattern Nº 27-Half squares
Pattern Nº 28-Herringbone


A christmas pattern

Hello wonderful people of the world! I been far for a few days, far of blog world, far of the computer, but I'm back, and have a lot of ideas for the patterns :) Christmas is around the corner, and people has officially freaked out about it. In case you haven't freaked out and you go easy with this celebrations, I present to all of you a simple but chic pattern for your christmas gifts, and also some labels. Enjoy, hope you like it

Pattern Nº 26 - Christmas trees
Christmas trees labels

And to all the people visiting this blog: thankyouverymuch, a big hug for all of you.


Diamonds and stripes

Good morning/afternoon/night. Had a good weekend? 
Well, for today A HEAVY pattern, it came out very quickly and I love the result, it might look good as book cover or something like that. I'm curious, are you using the patterns? I would love to see what are you doing with them :)

Hope you like it, and another mockup because I'm short on time...real pictures coming soon.
Click and get it Pattern Nº 26


(I don't know how to name it)

Found internet again! good for me, good for you, good for everyone. I'm resisting to post the christmas pattern I've done, what do you think? it's too early? or it's time to star doing stuff for christmas? I'll wait for your answer, in the meantime, here you have the pattern of today.

Click click Pattern Nº25 (twenty five, wow!)

And I keep on going with the mockups, good looking things.
Have a nice weekend.


1000 +

Hello people of the world wide web! I'm back just for a moment because I still having no internet... Thanks to all the people visiting, this blog has reached more than 1000 views!!! :)  (more accurate number in the image above) I'm on tears, I can't believe it, it's beautiful. And I know that you want more patterns, so here it goes. Four patterns for today, garden inspired: Leafs, branches, and flowers. Enjoy

Still trying this amazing mockups, I promise taking real pictures in the near future, but the amazing mockups exist, so let's work with them! Find this Here

Get them Patterns 21-24 Garden

P.S: Don't be shy, say something, I would like to hear you :)